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JWS Consultants provide logstics consultancy services in logistics sales, logistics operations and business support. We can even be seen as a realistic alternative to employing your own sales team. Cutting the cost of sales would be extremely attractive if it could still produce the results you need. Whilst every business needs sales, are you able to afford a full time sales person? Especially when you take into consideration that most companies in the logistics industry have less than 40% of their sales teams above target!

Logistics Services

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Logistics Sales

Often the size of the challenge and ambition to develop and meet sales targets can be too great to achieve without some external help. With our various day to day responsibilities it becomes difficult to undertake the research needed...

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Logistics Consultants

As logistics consultants we assist companies in a variety of ways to improve service operations and develop cost-effective solutions to help companies manage their supply chain, warehousing, material handling and distribution. Our focus is split...

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Tender Management

The team at JWS consulting have been involved in logistics service tender management since 1993 and during that time we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! More importantly we have seen the outcomes of these tenders. The...

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JWS Consultants Logistics Blog

Logistics - New ways of thinking

No business wants to remain stagnant, but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which direction you not only want to head in but which direction you should head in, consultants in logistics and telemarketing companies... (Read More)

Why Do Companies Hire Logistics Consultants?

A lot of companies already have their own logistic managers. These managers help the company to make a number of logistic decisions. However, such companies may also need to hire a logistic consultant... (Read More)

Should we outsource our transport needs or invest in our own?

We currently contract out all our transport needs to various transport companies. We are not sure whether this could be done more efficiently or whether we should invest in our own transport for some or all of these needs. Consultants in Logistics...(Read More)