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Often the size of the challenge and ambition to develop and meet sales targets can be too great to achieve without some external help...

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As logistics consultants we assist companies in a variety of ways to improve service operations and develop cost-effective...

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There are a number of different modelling techniques that have been used to model the supply chain. One of which is the Logistics Network...

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As logistics consultants and logistics sales consultants we are able to assist companies in a variety of ways to improve and develop cost-effective solutions to help manage and develop; sales, supply chain, warehousing, suppliers, material handling, transport and distribution requirements.

Logistics and Transport Consultants

With offices in; Bristol, Northampton and Peterborough we are an independentlogistics consultancy with over 30 years experience working at senior levels in bothsales consultancy andtransport consultancy with many of Europes leading companies.

Transport Consultants

We ensure a return on your investment for all services used.Management Consulting - with our free consultation, you can decide whether or not our services are right for you before you pay us a penny. We have worked in; UK domestic freight, European Freight, Deep-Sea (Ocean), parcel, pallet and airfreight operations, JWS Consultants benefits from both strong industry connections and in depth knowledge of the transport and supply chain fields. As part of a recent study into cost effective logistics recruitment companies we can highly recommend Logistics Job Shop if you are seeking jobs in logistics. Jobs range from graduate supply chain jobs, distribution jobs and driving jobs and warehouse jobs. We also gather a lot of information from;Commercial Motor Jobs,Truck and Driver Jobs and Motor Transport Jobs


Typical responsibilities of a Director or vice president of a logistics based company

  • Responsible to develop, document, and execute a worldwide logistics and distribution strategic plan which will drive optimal consumer service and profitability.
  • - To keep a track on secure transportation and gold transportation.
  • - To administer and control global supply chain logistics network with multiple distribution centres.
  • - To ensure that all regulatory and compliance measures are met within global guidelines.
  • - To Identify and implementation of best in class WMS technology, infrastructure feasible to the scope and size of the business along with disciplines that underlie a supply chain operation.
  • - To Develop worldwide implementation of distribution assemblies such as systems integration and optimization, inventory control, demand planning, and SKU optimization.
  • - To drive operational excellence and expertise across the network reducing cost every year.
  • - To ensure custom clearances are carried out in accordance with legal requirements

Focus on Just in Time

To meet the ever-rising expectations of customers, companies are focusing more on their evolving requirements, and constantly searching for methods to produce better quality products, minimise operational cost, and adapt quickly to the changing demands, in this highly competitive global market. Thus, a lot of companies, seeking change, have identified supply chain management and logistics as areas to build cost and service benefits. Just-In-Time (JIT) management - a proven approach in manufacturing for improved production, reduced waste, effective communication, and decreased cost is expected to help companies achieve their target cost and service advantages in supply chain, similar to manufacturing. However, the right potential and numerous benefits of Just-in-time approach in logistics have not been widely discussed and recognised. 

Logistics takes up basic input methods and adds value to the input used to manufacture or produce the final product. The basic principles that govern JIT can be replicated and implemented in logistics for optimum results because the core of Just-in-time approach is to improve business processes and organisational productivity, not products. For organisation wide move and store logistics activities, just-in-time can be really helpful and efficient. Targeted to reduce waste, save cost, and improve operational efficiencies, JIT is relevant and can be applied to major areas of the supply chain, including customer services, order processing, inventory or transportation management, and warehousing in diverse markets - from manufacturing to construction, retail, and automobile industries. The philosophy of leading manufacturing management approach can be embraced in business logistics to minimise the amount of equipment, resources, and time required from the point of acquisition of raw materials to the point of completion of final product in logistics.

Effective management of logistics is crucial to meet customer expectations and remain profitable in the face of challenges of global competition. Inadequate logistics management results in significant logistics cost, low productivity, poor performance, and reduced profits. Effective and efficient logistical management is a must have strategy for competitive and sustainable growth of a firm in the long run. Because, improved logistics management influences overall performance, augments product quality, and engenders customer satisfaction, acquiring greater market share for the manufacturer.

Faced with the increasing challenges of expanding global markets, adoption of just-in-time management can bring measurable and lucrative outcomes for business. The JIT approach already has a strong traction in the manufacturing market but its implementation and application in business logistics is comparably recent. In order to remain cost-effective and profitable, increased competition and rise in growth standards are expected to lead companies to embrace logical and efficient logistics management solution, JIT, in one or the other form. The potential implementation of just in time approach in business logistics to gain cost and service advantages, particularly in retail, transportation logistics, construction, and household goods, can facilitate businesses to streamline and improve their logistic activities with restructured business workflows, reduced operational cost, and maximum effectiveness.