Warehousing with Bonded Pallet Storage and ETFS Warehouse facilities.

ETSF Warehouse Solutions to avoid port delays

  • Avoid port delays and demurrage charges with our client's secure ETSF warehouse.
  • 155,050 sq ft (14,400 sq m) of racked warehouse space
  • Store your goods for up to 90 days while efficiently processing customs clearance.
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Ideally located at London Gateway, a deep-sea port and international rail terminal, for swift onward movement of your goods.
  • UK and EU-wide transport and distribution, inbound and outbound
  • Final mile deliveries, just-in-time distribution, pick, pack and fulfilment services, stock control, re-work and quality checking
  • Our client provides expert assistance with customs documentation and duty calculations.
  • Secure handling and short-term storage ensure your goods are safe until released.

What is the difference between a Bonded Warehouse and an ETSF Facility

      Bonded warehouse:

Primarily for long-term storage of imported goods before clearance or re-export.

      ETSF Facility:

Designed for temporary storage of imported goods while customs clearance is completed. This can help avoid delays and demurrage charges at ports, especially for RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) traffic.

Here's an analogy:

Think of a bonded warehouse like a secure, long-term car park at the airport, while an ETSF is a secure holding bay closer to your final destination.In essence, an ETSF offers a more flexible option for short-term storage and quicker customs clearance compared to a bonded warehouse.

Contact JWS Consultants today to learn how our client's ETSF warehouse can streamline your import/export process!

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