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JWS unites Shippers with Reliable Transport Partners = Logistics Tools

Supply Chain, Logistics & Sales Consultancy

Logistics Sales Consultants

Uncover hidden revenue streams and unlock your logistics company's growth potential with our expert opportunity prospecting services.Lead Generation (Inbound & Outbound) attract qualified leads through targeted marketing campaigns, effective sales prospecting, and strategic networking...

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Supply Chain Consulting and Logistics Consultants : JWS

Logistics Sales Resource

Unleash Your Logistics Sales Potential with JWS Logistics Consultants. Often the size of the challenge and ambition to develop and meet sales targets can be too great to achieve without some external sales support. Get expert guidance and support for critical sales projects or fill temporary sales leadership gaps...

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We unite Shippers with Reliable Partners: JWS Sales Consultancy Services

JWS Sales Consultants bridges the gap between shippers, transport providers, and logistics software companies. We leverage our extensive network as logistics consultancy experts to connect you with the perfect partner for your needs. Here's how we can help:

    For Shippers (UK & European):

  • Warehouse Solutions:Find the ideal warehousing partner for your inventory, considering location, size, capabilities (e.g., temperature-controlled), and integration with your chosen logistics software.
  • European Transport:Navigate the complexities of European shipping by connecting with reliable transport providers for road, air, or sea freight, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery. JWS Logistics Consultancy can help you with this.
  • Carrier Selection & Negotiation:Secure the best rates and terms for your shipping needs. We can help you compare carriers and negotiate contracts that optimize your budget and service level. JWS Supply Chain experts can help you find a reliable partner.
  • Logistics Software Implementation:Streamline your operations with the right logistics software. We can guide you towards solutions that fit your specific needs, from warehouse management systems to transportation management software.

      For Transport Providers:

  • Expand Your Client Base:Gain access to a network of qualified shippers looking for reliable transport partners in the UK and Europe.
  • Optimize Your Routes and Capacity:Fill empty capacity on your routes and optimize your delivery schedules by connecting with shippers needing your services. JWS Sales Consultants can make all the arrangements.
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships:Build long-term relationships with shippers looking for consistent and reliable transport services.

      For Logistics Software Providers:

  • Reach New Customers:Connect with potential clients in the UK and European markets who are looking for efficient logistics software solutions. JWS has the tools and contacts to assist you with this.
  • Targeted Marketing:We can help you tailor your marketing message to reach the specific needs of shippers and transport providers within our network.
  • Industry Expertise:Leverage our understanding of the logistics landscape to improve your software's value proposition for potential customers.

      Benefits of Partnering with JWS Sales Consultants:

  • Extensive Network:We maintain strong connections across the logistics industry, ensuring access to a wide range of qualified partners.
  • Industry Expertise:Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the logistics landscape, allowing us to identify the most suitable partnerships.
  • Streamlined Process:Save time and resources by letting us handle the initial connection and facilitate communication between parties.
  • Focus on Your Business:Free yourself to focus on your core operations while we connect you with the right partners for growth.

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